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Direct Deposit Makes Payday Loans Easier

Our modern society moves fast, and so does our money. Have you noticed that more and more of our business, social and financial transactions happen online? We can get our paychecks directly deposited into our bank accounts, we can pay bills online, and more and more of us simply swipe a debit card to make a purchase.

A paycheck advance is no different. If you are approved for a fast cash loan, you can have the funds deposited directly into your account, ready for you to use however you need. Direct deposit of your cash advance loan is quicker, easier, and safer.

The Benefits of Online Banking

Applying for a payday loan used to be complicated. You would have to drive to a storefront location, fill out an application, provide paystubs and bank statements, fax it all in, and wait for an answer. And then you had to wait for your check.

Now you can apply online. When you apply for a cash advance loan, the two main requirements are that you are employed and that you have a viable bank account. By providing your bank account number, you provide your lender with the ability to deposit funds directly into your account. The money is usually deposited within 24 hours of approval and you don’t have to worry about a check being stolen or lost.

Direct deposit is especially handy if you need an emergency loan while out of town. Let’s say your car breaks down on a weekend trip. Or you run low on cash while your family is on vacation. Apply online for your payday loan, have the funds deposited into your bank account, and the money is there for you to use from any ATM, no matter where you are. You don’t need a storefront lender or a home bank.

Automatic Payments

You can also arrange to have the loan payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account—a smart financial move. If you miss a loan payment, you can be charged late fees and additional interest charges. By scheduling your payment to be made electronically on the date of your next paycheck, you never have to worry about remembering when your loan is due. The arrangements are made when you are approved for the loan.

With most of our other financial transactions happening online, it makes since to have your cash advance direct deposited as well. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it ensures that you’ll never miss a payment.


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